FoodApp Ordering

FoodApp Ordering is a platform optimized for restaurants with delivery service or pick-up “pick-up” at the restaurant.

Our platform dynamically generates a website with the name of the restaurant and two own APPs (applications), one for Android devices and one for iOS devices.

At the same time, it creates a powerful control panel from which you manage the online restaurant and the orders sent to your restaurant through the APPs.

Manage your Web and App’s

You can easily manage orders online via the Control Panel, Control Panel or Control Panel. With a single click, notification will be sent to your customers, which will tell the customer the status and delivery time.

Use this panel to access the settings of your page and apps. You can automatically change the titles and texts displayed on the web, and also exchange the presentation image in the web header.

Similarly, you can create a pop-up window to attract more audiences and promote any desired product in seconds.

All the advantages of the control panel or the control panel or the control panel

It’s simple, it’s fast and you don’t have to program anything to manage your restaurant.

Here’s what you can do with your control panel. For more information simply press on the title you are reading.

A very powerful platform.

Adjustment of the system to your restaurant is very simple, hard work has been done to create a simple and intuitive environment.

The objective of FoodApp Ordering is to promote the development of your commercial activity on the basis of the following main points:

  • · Loyalty of existing customers and facilitation of customer acquisition.
  • · Increase productivity (less time spent on customer service).
  • · Reduce the cost of digitalization.
  • · Promote the identity and brand of your restaurant.

Any open question?

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