The Administrative Panel of Food App

Food App allows you to easily manage your website and Apps.
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • ◾ Menu and prices
  • ◾ Price per kilometer at the time of delivery of the order
  • ◾ Order-, pick up-, restaurant- and kitchen-/hours
  • ◾ Marketing campaigns
  • ◾ Communicate with notifications direct to your customers
  • ◾ Reports:
    • ▪️ Downloads (with heat map)
    • ▪️ Orders (pick up vs delivery, marketing campaigns, payment methods)

The Food App administrative panel consists of:

Management Dashboard

Here you will have a short summary of the activity and you will be able to see at a glance the total number of users, total numbers of orders, the comments received and the total of revenue won.

Manage Order:

This section has two subsections: “Today Orders” and “All Orders”.

In “Today Orders ” you will receive all orders from your Web or Apps. This page must remain open for the alarm to sound when an order enters. With a simple touch you can tell your customer what status his order is in.

“All orders” is the part where you will have a list of all orders received to this day. The color of the orders will help you understand at a glance what happened with the order: Accepted, cooking, on the way, delivered or even canceled.

Marketing campaigns:

Coupon Management

This part is for coupon management. It allows you to add new discount coupons that can be based on a percentage of the price or adjust the final price. You can exempt products or categories from coupons, put a number of permitted uses, or limit coupons by time.
It is possible to create private coupons for a particular customer or for all of your customers.

Discount Management

Discounts can be put by food or category and applied in amount of money. When you set up a discount, your users will see the discounted and undiscounted price.

Bonus Loyalty Program

This is surely one of the strongest points of our platform. The bonus loyalty program accumulates a percentage of the total price for the order in the user account of your customer, being able to use this accumulated money on your next purchase.
Bonds are fixed in percentage and can be fixed by category or by food. Like other marketing campaigns it can be excluded by products (food) and/or categories.

Promotion Management

Promotion managment allows you to set up a pop-up to promote whatever you want. It is programmed so that you can link to your mobile applications and create campaigns to download the Apps.
For example if you have a first use coupon of the system for your customers you can say: Download our App and use “thediscountcoupon” on your first order. If your user visits the Web from an mobile phone a pop-up will be opened calling to action to download the App (If you are an Android user you will be redirected to the Google Store, if you are an iOS user you will be directed to the App Store).

You can use the Pop-up to promote any discounts, activities or celebrations you want.

Products and Features:

Manage Foods

Here you will find all your menu so that you can edit it quickly and individually. You have a “search” option if your restaurant has many dishes in his menu. If you have a dish in your menu that is no longer offered, you can disable it with just one click.

If you want to change the price, the name of the product, add a description or an additional feature (sizes or supplements such as different sauces) you can do this all very easily.

You can add 400px by 400px photos of your dishes and meals, however we recommend only adding photos to the platform if you have professional photos.

Manage Categories

“Manage Categories” allows you to manage the order in which your categories will be seen in the menu and add new categories.

To add new categories go to the bottom of the page and simply fill in the required fields to create a new category.

At the top of the page you have the categories listed. To change the order simply click on the category you want to change and drag it to where you want it.

Manage Sizes

Sizes serve to offer the same dish or the same meal in different sizes. If you adopt new Food App, you should first set all sizes of your dishes, desserts and drinks.

Manage Extra Features

“Extra Features” allow users to follow a linear purchase process without having to jump forward and backward when choosing their order.

When you configure additional features, you can choose from three types:

  • ▪️ Multiple choice and multiple selection:
    This option allows the customer to choose their dish and after that choose several options at once. You can limit the options your customer can choose to two, three, four, or whatever you think is necessary.
    Once you have decided the name of the variables (example: Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mozatsa, Alioli, etc.) you will have the option to add a description and a cost, remember that the cost can vary depending on the sizes you are offering.
  • ▪️ Multiple choice and single selection:
    This option allows you to “add an amount of money” depending on the selection or “change the price by selection”
    • ▫️ The option to “add an amount of money” will add the amount of money you set (the amount of cost can be configured depending on the sizes)
    • ▫️ If you choose the option to “change price by selection” the whole price changes according to the selection of the additional feature.
  • ▪️ Add-ONS:
    With this option the user will be able to choose between the options that you provide, without changing the price.

All options allow you to add a description to better guide your user. It has an overview of all the additional features where you can quickly and easily edit any additional features.

Manage Menus

The menu management option is still under development. But when the time is right you can set a “menu of the day” dish for every day of the week and limit this order to a specific schedule. We work very hard to make this option a reality as soon as possible.

Shop Management:

In this section you will find options to open and close your store, schedule and delivery fees.

Shop Management

If for some reason, for example a summer vacation you will close the restaurant for a few days, here you can open and close your store with just one click!

Opening hours

Opening hours offer three options:

  • ▪️ Operation hours – Background Engine This is the time in which the FoodApp system is active for use by its users. It should cover from the opening of the kitchen to the closing.
  • ▪️ Opening hours: This schedule will be taught to its users as the schedule in which the restaurant is open to the public.
  • ▪️ Delivery hours: This time is only enabled if you check the “Differentiate between delivery and opening times” box (Settings > General Settings > Delivery hours). This schedule is the time at which your restaurant offers home delivery service. Remember that you can set the price of home delivery depending on the time.

Delivery Fees

Shipping charges can be changed easily and in real time. You have the option to set the price by Meters away or Kilometers. In addition to that you can condition the price based on the total price of the order. If you decide that the home delivery price should be lower if the total price of the order is higher, or vice versa, you can set this option here.

News Management

Direct communication with your users is part of what sets us apart. Tell directly a particular customer or the entire database that this weekend there is a special offer because X reason can fill your restaurant.

Notifications for your users can be: “Public Notifications”, “Coupon Notifications”, “Payment Notifications” or “Notification of Updates”

You can accompany your notification along with an image of 400px by 400px.

User Management

In User Management you will have the profile of each individual client. This profile tells you: Full name, User ID, Phone number, Orders of this customer, date of registration and if the customer has any gift (voucher, discount, etc.). In addition to that, it allows you to add a new address or a note for internal use of the restaurant.

Access Management

This part is dedicated to managing internal users, this becomes especially interesting when you have more than one restaurant, and in each restaurant you got an independent, for example, manager.

Each user can be denied or granted different access rights within the platform, having to choose: Order Management, Food Management, Coupon Management, News Management, Ability to add new branches, Customer Management and Feedback Management.


Report section allow you to have an overview of your users’ activity and see this activity on a map.

Within the reports you will see a first graphical summary of the total sales of the last 30 days and another bar chart showing you the activity month by month during the last 4 months.
By default you will have pie charts that compare the “order type”, the results of the different marketing campaigns “effect of discounts”, “payment methods” and whether these payments are “Online or offline”.

We have two distribution maps. One that shows you where the App has been downloaded and another to which address the “home delivery orders” have been. This will allow you to adjust more and better your marketing campaigns and delivery prices.


The comments section is still under development. Here you will see the comments your users have left about the App in the Play Store or in the App Store.



This is the header image that will be displayed when you reach your website. We recommend that you use an image of 1600px by 600px. In addition to this, you have the option to remove or personalize the call to action button, that helps the user to get directly to place an order. We do not recommend removing this option but for some marketing campaign it might make sense. In addition to being able to choose your own photo, choose whether you have a call to action button or not and, you can put your own link… we recommend that the button takes users to the order page so that the user can place the order immediately, but if you consider redirecting the user to another address by a marketing campaign, you can do this with a simple click.


  • ▪️  Main Settings:
    In this option you can configurate:
    • ▫️ Restaurant Name
    • ▫️ Shop Name
    • ▫️ Company Name
    • ▫️ Company Code
    • ▫️ Add the download links from your Apps
    • ▫️ Set “template” messages for promotions
    • ▫️ Enable/disable sound of incoming orders
    • ▫️ Enable/disable the bonus program (loyalty)
    • ▫️ Choose which services your Restaurant offers: Delivery, Pick up or Table reservation (- still in development)
    • ▫️ List the offered menu
    • ▫️ Differentiate between opening hours and delivery times
    • ▫️ We offer free SMS sending, but if you have your SMS provider you can enter your API and use your own SMS provider.
    • ▫️ Set the average delivery time
    • ▫️ Set the average pickup time
    • ▫️ Set minimum order price for delivery
    • ▫️ Customize template messages (which are sent when accepting orders) for pickup and delivery services.
  • ▪️ SEO:
    We offer the possibility to integrate with Google or Bing Webmaster. Just take the HTML code provided by these search engines and enter it in their corresponding box.
    You can insert own JavaScript (JS) codes in the footer.

    There are three pages on which SEO can work: Home Page, Order Page and About Page
  • ▪️ Site Settings
    This is where you can customize almost all the content of the main page. From the title of your page to the call to action.
    Simply copy the link from your Facebook page, Instagram profile or Telegram name and you will automatically add your profile to your website.

Payment Settings

In this part of the settings you can enable and disable different online payment platforms and allow different offline payment methods. Our platafomrma is combable with Bambora, Stripe, Marksunappi, cash payment, card reader payment, food tickets. To add any online payment platform simply enter the key and API provided by each platform.

In addition to that, you can add the tax button, which will teach your users when they press on how much tax does the order have.


The gallery is used to upload images you can use in the slider or in the promotion manager. Although you can do it directly in each of the options/sections.

Phone Validation

All your users go through a check of their phone number. You can choose the default country code and limit phone numbers to a particular country or leave it open to any international phone number.
It is good to remember that our platform offers SMS sending service free of charge.