Website for Restaurant with FoodApp

With FoodApp you will have in a very short time your own website to receive orders online, but that’s not all.

  • ▪️
  • ▪️ Adaptable to any device
  • ▪️ Optimized for Google
  • ▪️ Safe and fast
  • ▪️ Advanced features: discounts, coupons and loyalty system

There is more, your FoodApp website is made up of two parts:
One is the order page where your customers can register and place orders.
The other one is your administrative panel, here you can manage your orders and manage your menu, delivery prices, schedule and many more.

On the main page you can highlight your brand identity with your own slogan and a small panel explaining how the delivery or pick-up service works or both together. The background photo is customizable and the action button (order) is also customizable.

Thanks to our very intuitive administrative panel you will be able to change the appearance and content of your website without knowing about programming. Simply decide which texts you want to have in which place and fill in the space in your administrative panel.

Adding your social networks like Facebook or Instagram is reduced to a copy and paste of the link of your Facebook or Instagram page.

On the “About us” page you can public the address of your restaurant(s) that will be represented on a map next to the schedule. Please note that our system allows you to differentiate between restaurant opening hours and home delivery service.

Orders of your customers through the website

Your customers will have the ability to order through the website with nothing but their mobile phone or an PC/Laptop. Our system has a method of verification by SMS so we make sure that the phone number and the person who is ordering is real. We have achieved, thanks to the implementation of complex technologies, that sending SMS is fast, efficient, safe and free for the restaurant.

Thanks to the SMS verification the restaurant will be sure that it is real people who place orders and users will enjoy a unique attention, knowing at every moment of their order status.

Inform your customers of special promotions

Our system allows you to customize a “pop-up” without knowing anything about programming. This can be adapted to the different marketing campaigns or events that the restaurant wants to use in its marketing strategy.

You can customize the “pop-up” of your restaurant’s website to show the download button of the Android App if the visitor has one of these devices, but if your potential customer uses Apple, Food App will show your customer the button to download your App in the Apple App Store.