FoodApp Mobile App for Restaurant

Our Apps for iOS and Android allows you to build strong loyalty to your customers. For your customers it will be easy and intuitive to place orders in your restaurant.

Thanks to the loyalty system, your customers accumulate a percentage of their purchase for the next order. In addition to being able to pamper your clientele with this bonus system, you can create coupons and discounts very easily.

Your restaurant will have direct communication with your customers thanks to the “push” notifications. These notifications appear on the mobile screen of your customers, if you launch a marketing campaign or inform the customer about the status of their order.

Handling the App is intuitive and does not require any effort on the part of your users. We have taken special care to make it the easiest and quickest possible to place orders.

Manage content of your APP from the Administrative Panel

The administrative panel controls the content of the Web and Apps. If you want to change a discount, the price of a dish or the delivery costs. You can do it easily, quickly and intuitively from your admin panel. The changes made will be reflected instantly on the Web and in the Mobile Applications for restaurants with delivery service. Remember that you will have both Applications, for iOS and Android.

The identity of my restaurant and my App

Our goal is that your client remains being your client. Your clients shall see your identity reflected in your App. We have put a lot of effort into the Apps and can offer the Apps in four colors:

  • ▪️ Green
  • ▪️ Red
  • ▪️ Blue
  • ▪️ Orange

Besides that your App will have its own logo and name. We can help you to promote your App through social networks so that digitalization will be a full success, safe and easy.

Put your business in the 21st century and make a difference with your competition by offering the best digital service to your users with FoodApp.