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The digital world is there, palpable, at your fingertips.

There are several CMS currently in use as well as WordPress, Prestashoop, Drupal, Typo3… A CMS allows you to meet the basic needs of a corporate website or an online store with fairly affordable development costs. Since the different CMS are based on already defined structures that take on a large part of the web functionalities, the right selection of the CMS is a decision that can save a lot of work, money and time in the future.

But a CMS can also pose a number of risks if it is not managed professionally. There are a variety of free plugins that can be a vulnerability if we do not have sufficient knowledge to manage it like a holistic system. In these cases, it is best to have web maintenance with a specialized development company that takes care of these tasks and avoids these types of problems.

Tailored solutions to your problems, such as scalability or access to the different parts of the applications running on your web through personalized and customized code.

We design your ideas.

  • In case of doubt where to start.
  • Your nephew always has a good excuse not to work on your website.
  • Put serious matters in the hands of professionals.
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    Monthly Payment


    10 €

    VAT excl.

    • Online presence
    • Contact information
    • Your social networks
    • Fast and easy


    Price per hour


    50 €

    VAT excl.

    • Updates
    • Customization emails
    • Migration
    • Optimizations


    Depending on requirements


    1100 €

    VAT excl.

    • Code Development
    • Exclusive design
    • WordPress
    • Total functionality


    Depending on requirements


    1500 €

    VAT excl.

    • Online Shop.
    • Booking System
    • Exklusiv Design
    • Payment Gateway


    Depending on requirements


    2800 €

    VAT excl.

    • Mobile App
    • Functional development
    • Android
    • iOS

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