FAQ – Food App

Do you charge commision for orders?

No, with Food App you only pay your monthly license.

Can I connect third-party software to the Food App?

Our platform does not allow integration with third-party software.

Will my users know how to handle the App?

Yes, the App is made by following the UI/UX manuals of Apple and Google to make them as intuitive and easy to handle as possible.

How long will it take my team to learn how to operate the Food App?

Food App is super easy and intuitive, in less than a week all your team can get acquainted with the platform.

Do I need a special team or hardware to have Food App?

No, a simple computer or a simple tablet with internet connection is enough. We recommend using Chrome but you can use the browser you want.

I already got JustEat (or any other aggregator), why I need to have Food App?

Food App allows you to recover your customers and establish direct ties with them without the commission towards aggregators. With Food App you will regain control over your brand, its users and communication with the customer.

Should I unsubscribe from Deliveroo, Just Eat or another aggregator?

No, our product is compatible and we recommend using all the means to achieve the greatest reach of your brand. If you can use aggregators to let your client know that you already have your own App, we suggest you do so.

Is there third-party advertising in the App?

No, the Apps and the Web are exclusive to your restaurant.

Can I change my schedules?

Yes, in fact you can differentiate between cooking hours, delivery hours and restaurant hours.

Can I set a maximum delivery distance?

Yes, and you can set the price of delivery service depending on meters or kilometers.

Can I save money with the Food App?

Yes, Food App saves you money.

Is there a period of permanence?

The minimum stay is one year, after the year you can cancel the contract until the 20th of each month.

Can I connect my Social Networks?

Yes, Facebook, Instagram or Telegram will be visible on your page just by copying and pasting the link inside the admin panel.

How do I get more customers?

We will advise you in your marketing strategy. If you want to make stickers and brochures, you can order them directly as well as a professional Community Manager for your social networks.

Where can I see my orders?

All orders can be viewed directly in your administrative panel. Go to Manage Order>Orders Today.

What way do my clients have to send their orders?

Our platform allows you to receive orders from your clients directly from your website or mobile apps.

Can I access my Food App account from any computer?

All orders and settings are saved and stored in the cloud. You only need your username and password.

Will you promote the use of my App and Web?

We can help you with promotion, talk to our professionals about it.

How do I pay for the Food App?

We want to be the tool of digitization for all SMEs, so we have opted for the most comfortable, Food App is paid for a flat rate and this will remain so, regardless of the features we add.

Will I be able to put my menu on my own?

Yes! Food App is so easy to use, in just a few minutes you will have learned how to operate the platform and you will be able to enter your own menu.

Can I change the price of my menu?

Yes, you can do this with just one click

Can I change the shipping price?

Yes, this only takes a click and you can set the price depending on the distance and the time.

Can I use the Food App for multiple Restaurants?

Yes, Food App has multi-restaurant function.

What possibility of personalization do I have on my own?

Almost everything, we are the most advanced platform on the market and our customers do not need anyone to manage and modify their pages or apps. For more information read about our administrative panel.

Can I have a design of my menu and Logo for free?

The creation of a professional menu design as well as that of the logo are included in various of the packages we offer. Find the package that best suits your needs and hire it now! or get in touch and ask for your quotation now.

I am completely alien to everything that is technology. Can I adopt Food App?

Food App is exactly for you, it is intuitive, easy and will count on our support and development.

What languages is Food App available in?

Food App is currently available in Finnish, German, English and Spanish.